ASI Snooker HD -400 Anti-shock Pool Cue

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  • ASI Snooker HD -400 Anti-shock Pool Cue
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Black snooker cue with four-point black, silver and cream butterfly design, back end loaded ASI Grip System wrap, brass Rapid Release joint, WAC weight system and flat face.

WAC Patented Weight System - patented system exclusive to BCE and Riley snooker cues. Consists of three 0.5 ounce rings in the cue's butt section that can be added or removed according to the players' preference. The position of the WAC System has been carefully engineered to bring the cue's center of gravity forward, making it more balanced and helping more consistent and fluid stroke.

ASI Grip System - Anti-shock/impact system significantly reduces shock and impact vibration; allowing for a smoother, more controlled feel with every shot.

Snooker: The World's Game

Snooker has long been popular in Europe and is rapidly gaining popularity in the U.S. and Asia to truly become the world's game.

Started in Manchester UK in the 1890s, Riley is a classic brand and a giant in the snooker industry. Known for tradition, quality and heritage, Riley cues feature timeless designs and advanced technology meant to push the game forward.

Cue Details

Wood: Ash
Ferrule: 8mm long brass
Tip: 9.5mm Blue Diamond
Joint: Brass Rapid Release
Weight: WAC
Bumper: Premium leather
Shaft: North American Ash
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