Gulf Coast Women’s Regional Billiards Tour

Gulf Coast Women’s Regional Billiards Tour

Published by Michael "Little Mike" McDonald on 29th Oct 2018

Gulf Coast Women’s Regional Billiards Tour

Michael McDonald founded Shooters Billiard Supply after returning home from the Iraq war. He then decided to get back into the pool world. This time as a vendor rather than just a player. It was his dream to build pool cues earlier in life and maybe this would lead to that. Early on he teamed up with Kim White Knewsome from the WPBA. Kim formed the Space City Open in 2012. Since then Shooters Billiard Supply and sister company Vapor Knights USA now known as Vapor Fiend has sponsored the Space City Open each year. In 2018 Michael agreed to sponsor the Gulf Coast Women’s Regional Billiard Tour through Vapor Knights USA. Michael started Vapor Knights USA after losing his father to years of smoking whom developed lung cancer. His mission is to help people quit smoking through the new venture.

Michael has for many years advocated for women in the professional sports to include billiards. His love and devotion to the sport is second to none. His dream of watching billiards rise through the sports ranks and women to complete at all levels during this is also unmatched by many. Many of the matches are streamed live during tour stops. We encourage you to check them out. These ladies have talent.

A bit about the Gulf Coast Women’s Regional Billiards Tour from its founder Kim Knewsome.


The Gulf Coast Tour’s mission is to advance the level of skill and competition for its female pool players, encourage outside interest and participation in its events through its players, sponsors, and spectators, and cooperate with other like-minded, billiard organizations engaged in the promotion of the sport of billiards. It is the duty of the Tour, to protect the mutual interests of its players, to cause for the creation and development of future events, and improve conditions of the game and its atmosphere whenever, and wherever possible.


Founded in 2013 by professional pool player, Kim Newsome, the Gulf Coast Women’s Regional Billiards Tour produces events all across Texas, and enriches the billiard scene for female pool players, offering an additional avenue by which to garner success and visibility in the diverse world of billiard competition.


Tour events are open to all amateur, female pool players, of any age, and any skill level.


The annual Tour membership fee is $25. The entry for each event is $25, which includes a $5 administration fee.

Player Perks

Tour players receive ranking points for their tournament finishes, credit for event attendance, and are eligible for *special events, awards, and programs. Tour rankings, tournament articles, and photos, are all published on this website, and tournament press is disseminated to over thirty press partners in an effort to build player brands and celebrity. Event wrap-ups, photos, and special interest stories are posted periodically on Facebook and Twitter.

Annual Tour Awards

  • Tour Champion Award – This award honors a Tour Player who finishes in the number one spot, on the end-of-year rankings list.
  • Sportsmanship Award – This award honors a Tour Player, who in the opinion of her playing peers, by her behavior and deeds, best exemplifies the spirits, ideals and values of the Tour. It recognizes her diplomacy and goodwill toward her fellow players, inside, and outside of competition.
  • Most Improved Player Award – This award honors a Tour Player, who through her hard work, dedication, and perseverance, becomes the most advanced player, in the shortest period of time.
  • Rebecca Arcangeli Dubious Achievement Award – This award is a tribute to fallen Tour Player, Rebecca Arcangeli, who loved to prank, joke, and above all, laugh. This award honors a Tour Player, who in the opinion of her playing peers, exhibits the most remarkable, dubious behavior, in a tour season.

Tour Programs

  • FREE Mini Pool Clinics – All Tour members are eligible to sign up for our free, mini pool clinics, hosted on Saturday evenings, during event weekends. Clinics are hosted by former and current pros, and are intended to help lower-skill level players, improve their game.
  • Best Attendance Drawing – At the close of a Tour season, a drawing will take place which will include the names of all players who tied for best attendance, in that season. The winner will receive a cash prize. If only one player has the best attendance, she will receive the prize.
  • New Player Discount – Bring a brand new player to an event, and receive $5 off your entry fee!

Gulf Coast Tour Committee

Established in March 2018, the committee is made up of player members who will assist in determining future Tour goals and objectives, assist with marketing and advertising, and duties such as administration, tournament direction, and logistics.

Celeste Espinosa, Administration

Gail Roles, Marketing and Advertising

Kim Newsome, Director

Ming Ng

Kim Pierce

Ruth Paine

D’Andrea McQuirter

Calaia Jackson

Brooke Dailing

Latest news for the tour By: Kim Knewsome

Houston’s Ming “The Empress” Ng made her way through an elite field of 32 players to capture her second Gulf Coast Women’s Regional Billiards Tour 9-ball event of the 2018 season. Ng overcame Tour newcomer Mille Almaraz in the final, who also booked her best finish to date. Almaraz joined the Tour in 2017, and in only her second event, competed in her first hot seat match.

On August 4th-5th, 2018, the Gulf Coast Tour held its 5th stop of the year at Skinny Bob’s Billiards in Round Rock, Texas. Room owners John and Sue Cielo, along with tour sponsors Cyclop Pool Balls, APA of North Harris County,, and facilitated another successful event for the women of the Gulf Coast Tour. This “Texas Open Warm-Up” was a $700 added, 9-ball event on open bar tables, which paid out a generous $1,340. The accommodations featured a non-smoking, private playing area with eight (8) new Diamond bar tables, and “Zeus” Cyclop Pool Balls. “I’d like to thank John and Sue Cielo for their never-ending hospitality and generosity, spanning nine years. We greatly appreciate their continued support, and already look forward to 2019,” says Gulf Coast Tour and Poison Lone Star Tour Director, Kim Newsome.

Following a short players’ meeting on Saturday morning, action kicked off around noon, and Ming “The Empress” Ng began her trek to the winners’ circle. She booked wins over Yvonne Asher, 7-3, Margaret Fox, 7-0, and Gail “Thunder” Roles, while Tam Trinh overcame Kim “Texas Heat” Pierce, 7-4, Maria Requejo, 7-1, and Stacie Putnam, 7-3. Mille Almaraz bested Celeste Espinosa, 7-3, Ellen Robinson, 7-5, and Sissy “Voo Doo”, Lozano, 7-0, while Gail “Virginia Slim” Eaton tagged Robyn Petrosino, 7-4, Jennifer Yo, 7-4, and Kris Wilburn, to complete the winners’ side, final four. On the one loss side, after taking a second round hit by Ng, newcomer Fox plowed through the one loss side eliminating Espinosa, 5-2, Brittany Kromer, 5-1, and Wilburn, 5-1. First-timer, Tina Soto, took out newbie Debbie Hammond, 5-3, Requejo, 5-2, and R. Petrosino, 5-4, but was snubbed by Lozano, 5-1. Also new to the Gulf Coast scene, Shar Dyer stayed alive on the one loss side with wins over Cardona, 5-2, Yo, and Lopez, 5-4, but was stopped by Roles, 5-4. Angleton’s Brandi Booth made a splash, defeating newbie Karyna Hahn, 5-2, and Lois Morgado, but fell to Robinson, 5-4. In turn, Robinson was eliminated by newcomer Stacie Putnam, 5-4, rounding out the final eight. On day two, final four action kicked off on each side of the bracket. On the east side, Eaton defeated Almaraz, 7-4, and Ng ousted Trinh, 7-6. Ng dealt Eaton her first blow, in the hot seat match, 7-1. On the west side, Fox was on fire, dusting off Lozano, 5-1, and Trinh, 5-2, while Putnam passed Roles, 5-1, only to be stopped by Almaraz, 5-4. Almaraz went on to eliminate Fox, 5-1, and Eaton, 5-2, meeting Ng for her first-ever, Gulf Coast Tour final. Almaraz was on fire the first set, extinguishing Ng, 7-3. In the second set, Ng regrouped and took charge, besting Almaraz, 5-1, to capture her second Tour victory of 2018.

Congratulations to Yvonne Asher and Kimberly Brown, who split first and second place in the second chance event! Margaret Fox and Stacie Putnam also reached milestones, playing in their very first event, Fox finishing 4th, and Putnam, 5th-6th.

The Gulf Coast Tour would like to thank all the ladies who ventured out to Skinny Bob’s to compete in this very special event, and “welcome” its newest members: Margaret Fox, Stacie Putnam, Brandi Booth, Tina Soto, Karyna Hahn, Debbie Hammond, Kimberly Brown, Nina Dolman, Shar Dyer, Liana Butler, and returning members Diana Cardona, Tam Trinh, Lois Morgado, and Jennifer Yo. Gulf Coast Committee members who assisted in running a seamless event included Celeste Espinosa (Office Administrator), Gail Roles (Social Media), D’Andrea McQuirter, Ming Ng, Kim Pierce, and Toni Esteves. Finally, the Tour would like to thank Mille Almaraz for taking some great photographs throughout the weekend, and sharing them with players, friends, and fans, via social media.

Our next event will be our First Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Event, October 13th-14th, at Bogies West, 9638 Jones Road, Houston, Texas.

The Gulf Coast Women’s Regional Billiards Tour is open to all female, amateur players of all ages and skill levels. For more information about the Gulf Coast Women’s Regional Billiards Tour, visit Follow us on Facebook @gulfcoasttour1 and Twitter @gulfcoasttour.

Written By: Kim Newsome

Photos By: Kim Newsome

Payouts ($1,340)

1st Ming Ng $510

2nd Mille Almaraz $330

3rd Gail Eaton $210

4th Margaret Fox $120

5th-6th Stacie Putnam, Tam Trinh $60 ea

7th-8th Sissy Lozano, Gail Roles $25 ea

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