McDermott Pool Cues

McDermott Pool Cues

Published by Michael "Little Mike" McDonald on 28th Oct 2018

McDermott Pool Cues

My career playing competitive pool started by a chance encounter in 1991. I happened to meet a gentleman, Johnny Satterfield, who played competitively in the State of Texas. His main game was 9 ball and he was in Austin, Texas for a tournament. I worked with his younger brother and he happened to come in to see him. We talked and I ended up going to the pool hall with Johnny. I had no idea at the time but my world was about to change. Over the course of the next two years we went out constantly playing in tournaments as he showed me the game and the life. I went from the jerk that put the 2 ball in the corner on the wrong table to running racks thanks to Johnny. I have played with all sorts of pool cues and weights. I have my own theories has to what works best.

The McDermott pool cues is one of the best and most artistic production cues you can buy. They have a medium type hit on their cues which works best for the average player. My first McDermott pool cue was the wolf E-L1. It was the first of picture art type pool cues at that time. Many other cue manufactures have followed since. I paid $210 for it which was a hole week’s pay at the time. It was the second cue I ever owned. I got it at 19 ounces an it hit wonderfully for me. I could draw the length of a 9 foot pool table. This is before we got into tip sizes of 11.5mm. All cues were 13mm in those days unless you had something specially made for you. I always got complements on my cue. Everyone wanted to look at it. That was the same year McDermott Cues came out with the Masterpiece Series. The most beautiful cues I ever saw namely the model EM4b. That was when I developed a love for the art of making pool cues.

Very much out of my price range I settled for my second McDermott Cue spending double what I did the first time around. This was during the height of my ability on the pool tables. I also picked up a people cue for breaking. I took the weight out of it bring it to an 18 oz cue. I noticed that the balls moved faster around with the lighter cue than when I hit them with a 21oz cue. During these days I could bank or kick at balls with a 80% accuracy of hitting them and making them. My jump shots, then done with my playing cue, was about 70% chance I would make the object ball I was trying to hit. I even jumped over a full ball once and banked the object ball in to get out. All this done with McDermott cues. One day I was in Killeen, TX just outside of Fort Hood and a tour stop just kicked off. The first place prize was a McDermott pool cue valued at $1,500 in 1994. It felt much lighter than it actually was. The balance on it was amazing. It also seemed a little skinner. Later we would see pool cue makers do this. However, this was the first time I seen that done. I loved how that felt. Yes I got to hold it. The pool hall owner was very gracious of a man. Johnny and I tried our luck and feel shot of owning that cue. In Texas pool is taken very serious and to this day has the best players in the nation.

I later took may game to Florida where a new comer, Tommy Kennedy, just made his bones. I moved to my third McDermott cue at this time and used it till I stopped competing in 1996. I returned to competition in 2012, and I earned a trip to Los Vegas in 2014 with an APA team I was captain on. We made it to 33rd pace out of over 400 teams. I had more fun with that team called the Thunder Thieves than I did in all my years of playing pool. This was especially true thanks to my long friendship with Samuel “Seven” Johnson my co-captain. He and I still enjoy a game together to this day.

I have owned many different cues over the last few decades. I would rank McDermott among the top of my list of cues to play with. Outside of a custom one of a kind high end cue it is hard to do better. If you are coming up in the pool world I highly recommend McDermott cues. They have great construction, consistent playability, and cost effective. They tend to have great uses of different types of wood to get great visual appearances. No matter your preferences of looks McDermott has the cue for you.

A few things from their site to note are.

Our History

Since 1975, McDermott has consistently raised the industry standard for what billiard players expect from a high quality pool cue. McDermott products use the latest technology in our state-of-the-art facility, along with the finest materials in the world. In 40 years, McDermott has grown into 12 brands that lead the billiard industry in performance, quality and service.

Our Innovation

We like doing things that have never been done before. We’re inspired by the thought of introducing new products and technology. Driven by the challenge to develop better performance, McDermott is dedicated to the single most important factor in new product development; your game.

Our Performance

Billiards is not an easy game. It can make your heart pound, your palms sweat and your muscles tighten. It tests your concentration, challenges your ability and tries your patience. It makes you want to come back for more. We devote all day, every day designing to deliver you the best performance cue available.

Our Quality

Craftsmanship is a fine art. Found among the gifted artisans in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin are the finest wood-makers, cue designers and engineers in the world. McDermott utilizes a process that includes over 150 separate procedures in the construction of each cue. All shafts start from the finest Kiln-dried, hand-selected North American Hard Rock maple and turned 11 times for stability. All forearms, handles and sleeves are handcrafted from the finest and most exotic woods from around the world.

Our Involvement

McDermott has been a leader in supporting the industry through tournaments and billiard events. If it’s important to our customer, it’s important to us. Whether it be live events, online promotion or social networking, McDermott strives to continuously support the sport of billiards.

Our Brands

McDermott Pool Cues

McDermott cues and high-performance shafts are some of the most recognized products in the billiard industry. They are known for their quality construction, exotic woods & materials, intricate inlays and limitless customization options. We are an American company and our McDermott pool cues are proudly made in the U.S.A. We stand behind them with a lifetime warranty against warpage and manufacturing defects.

ar Pool Cues

Get Noticed. Be a Star.
Star cues are designed, engineered, exclusively distributed and guaranteed for life by McDermott Cue. They feature premium maple and exotic woods mixed with intricate 4-color overlays. Manufactured globally using McDermott’s technology, Star cues provide the highest quality cue in its price range.

Lucky Pool Cues

Feeling Lucky?
Lucky cues are designed, engineered and exclusively distributed by McDermott Cue. Lucky cues offer a mix of premium maple cues and intricate graphic overlays. These features give you an exceptional value for one of the most solid hitting globally manufactured cues in the industry.

Intimidator I-Shafts

The Highest Evolution in Shaft Technology.
Intimidator i-Shafts allow players to change power and spin-rate to maximize the speed and accuracy of their shot. Utilizing our proprietary Intimidator Carbon Energy Technology (ICE), we have designed the industry’s most radial consistent shaft to help maintain accuracy at all speeds. The i-2 comes standard on all McDermott G-Series cues models over $700.

G-Core Shafts

Hardcore Pormance. Traditional Feel.
The G-Core is the perfect blend of technology and classic feel. It has the benefits of carbon fiber core technology with the familiar feel of a traditional maple shaft. The G-Core can be customized to any of the popular shaft diameters and comes standard on all McDermott G-Series cues from $260-$699.

McDermott Wildfire Wood-Burning Cues

Can You Handle the Heat?
Wildfire cues start with a premium crafted McDermott cue and then undergo McDermott’s advanced wood carving and 3D rotational cutting technology; where we apply intricate artwork to the cue. You can customize your Wildfire cue with your own personalized artwork and pair it with a matching Wildfire case.

Shooters Collection Cases

Protect your Investment.
McDermott offers a complete line of billiard cases in all price ranges, colors and styles. Protect your investment with one of McDermott’s premium cases.

Stinger Jump/Break Cues

Jump and Break Like a Pro.
Stinger cues feature a patented tenon tip/ferrule technology which transfers the energy from your jump or break to the ball for explosive results. The exclusive phenolic tip provides a larger sweet spot for results that will sting your competition into submission. Stinger cues may be custom ordered with a BCA approved McDermott Big Boy hard leather tip.

Sledgehammer Break Cue

Dedicated to Breaking Balls.
McDermott’s exclusive break cue is engineered for one thing: breaking balls. The Sledgehammer’s patented one-piece phenolic tip and ferrule has been exploding racks for years. The most recognized name in dedicated break cues performs like no other.

McDermott Accessories

Must-Have Billiard Accessories.
McDermott’s Professional Series accessories offer a complete solution to all of your cue care needs. They offer the same quality as our world-class cues in a convenient package.

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