​Viking Pool Cues Technology

​Viking Pool Cues Technology

Published by Shooters Billiard Supply Staff on 8th Feb 2017

Viking Pool Cues Oldest Cue Manufacture in America

Viking Cues is one of the oldest cue manufacturers in America with the strictest quality control in the industry using a wood finger splice that creates the feel of a one-piece cue and a unique shaft curing technique that takes nearly two years to complete offering Viking Cue owners the opportunity to play with the best cues available on the market. Viking Cues is committed to quality, precision, and perfection without compromise. Shooters Billiard Supply is a major supplier of Viking Pool Cues in the United States. You can find them at http://www.shootersbilliardsupply.com/viking-pool-cues and http://www.shootersbilliardsupply.com/valhalla-pool-cues.


The BEGINNINGS of Viking cues

In the early 1960s, Viking Cue started in the basement of a poolroom in Stoughton, Wisconsin. Founder Gordon Hart would travel to various tournaments peddling his unique style of hand-made cues. In a short period of time, Viking Cues became popular and attracted some notable top players. As popularity gained it was apparent that Viking Cue was outgrowing its subterranean confines. Demand increased in the late 60’s, the old poolroom was sold and Viking Cue moved to a bigger location in Madison, Wisconsin- the home of Viking Cue for 48 years. Production capabilities expanded and the company grew steadily over the next two decades as Viking Cue sold cues throughout the United States and abroad.

In 1986, the Martin Scorsese film, The Color of Money, experienced great success and created a boom in the billiard industry that led to sky-rocketing sales of Viking Cues. Over the next two decades, Viking Cue became an industry giant and proudly served its distributors and players throughout the world. The late 2000’s was a low point for Viking Cue. Like many other businesses of the period, overwhelming debt, soaring costs and a downturn economy forced Viking Cue to close its doors in 2010.


For Viking Cue to evolve, it required new vision. That evolution started a year later when Viking Cue reopened under the vision of Madison Area Businessman, Mark Larson, whose first priority was to rehire the same craftsmen who were at the core of Viking Cue’s successes over the years and would become the foundation for a new Viking Cue. The next step was to bring in fresh minds from different industries and disciplines to create a new company culture based on innovative thinking, integrity, and a passion for the product.

In August of 2013, Viking Cue moved its office and manufacturing to Middleton, WI. The new state-of-the-art facility demonstrates Viking Cue’s values, vision and commitment to innovation, quality and craftsmanship.


For years to come, Viking Cue will be a dominant force in high-end product innovation, personalized customer service and meaningful user experiences. Most of all, we hope you can see the real value in a Viking Cue that can only be experienced through owning one. Remember... Nothing Conquers a Viking.


Creating performance like this doesn’t just happen overnight, it is a process that takes patience, precision and time, resulting in the unique features that make every Viking look, feel, and play like no other cue in the world.


Born of innovative design, the pure science of wood and legendary craftsmanship, Viking performance shafts exemplify the meaning of precision and accuracy. The Viking eXactShot®, ViKORE®, and the VPRO® shafts are dominating performers.


The other guys charge up to $125 to add a quick release. Here at Viking the Viking Cue Quick Release Joint is standard on all Viking Cues and greatly reduces the time and effort required to connect two piece cues.


Every Viking Cue undergoes a meticulous 27-step finishing process and includes the application of many layers of Viking UV finish which, between coats, is painstakingly sanded by hand to give our cues the “glass‑like” appearance that Viking is known for.


Whether you select our 100% Double Pressed Irish Linen Wrap or choose a luxurious leather for your cue, all Viking wraps are professionally applied and will provide flawless performance year after year.


Using the Viking Precision Weight Bolt System, you can achieve perfect balance and finetune your cue with our unique stackable weights. The Viking Precision Weight Bolt System is standard on all Viking Cues.


The taper of a shaft should fit a player’s shooting style and skill level. All Viking cues come standard with 12-14” pro taper which gives all our shafts natural low-deflecting properties. Other tapers available.


Exclusively designed, tested and manufactured inside Viking Cue, our indestructible SUPER ferrule exceeds every quality standard with over a quarter million in play and not one cracked ferrule.


Designed, tested and machine cut on our state-of-the-art CNC lathes, every one of our joints are made for dead-on accuracy, every time.


Viking offers 15 vibrant colors of stain that will enhance the natural grains found in each of our woods. Each beautiful grain-enhancing stain is carefully hand-applied by a Viking craftsman.


Choose from all the exotic woods, stones, stains, shells, and premium pearls we have to offer. Don’t forget, you can also choose your tip, taper, and weight on ANY Viking Cue.


Viking UV finish encapsulates the wood and protects your cue from the elements. Viking UV is not only beautiful, it is tough and made to last.


The Viking rubber bumper has a minimalist profile, protects, and “stays put” because it is threaded and will never fall out.



A Viking cue is constructed with the best components, experience, and care in the billiard industry. We manufacture 99% of the parts we use on our cues and guarantee that our product is 100% American made. All Viking cues come standard with an Everest tip by Tiger. The tip is bonded to our specially designed ferrule that is the best in the industry. Our ferrule material is extremely durable and will not stain, crack, or burn, for as long as you own your cue, we guarantee it. The design of the ferrule and the tenon, on which it is attached to the solid maple shaft, is designed to provide a solid hit on the cue ball with minimal deflection. This translates simply to more shots made and less miscues.


We have designed our joint pin and female with two things in mind; first and most importantly is strength, secondly is convenience. Our joint components are designed and manufactured in our factory from high-grade stainless steel and brass. It takes approximately 5 turns to secure the shaft to the butt, then your cue is ready for action. The joint of each cue is installed by a CNC controlled machine to assure a perfectly concentric union. Every pool cue joint features wood to wood construction for the best possible feel. Different joint collar combinations are available to modify the softness/hardness of the cues hit.


All Viking Cues feature the finest ferrule the billiards industry has ever known. Formulated from a proprietary material, the Viking SUPER ferrules are virtually indestructible! We put our ferrules through the industry’s toughest impact tests; it’s more like a torture test. With 250,000 in play and no cracked ferrules, you know we’ve done our homework. No other ferrule in the business can say that.


Our unique weight system is comprised of precisely weighted "weight-bolts" and a CNC bored and threaded chamber inside the cue's butt unit. This allows the cue to be weighted and balanced accurately to suite your preference. The pool cue's weight can be increased or decreased simply by using a 1/4" hex wrench to add or remove weight-bolts.


Through new technology, advanced design, careful craftsmanship, and world‑class performance, our eXactShot®, ViKORE® shafts and VPRO® shafts won’t just help you reach your full potential, but perhaps to exceed it. It all starts here. Every shaft we make goes through a multi-stage cutting and curing process. We consider our shaft curing process the most effective and superior in the industry. Each piece of wood is hand graded by a well experienced craftsman a minimum of 3 times throughout the shaft turning process. Every shaft is cured for a minimum of 2 years in our temperature and humidity controlled warehouse. The main characteristics we look for are: wood grain straightness, wood density, and the color of the wood.


The butt end of each Viking pool cue is built with hand-selected wood, and then finger-jointed together to guarantee a straight and solid cue. In addition to strength and straightness, finger-joint construction can aid in balancing the weight distribution of the cue from the joint to the butt.


Our finishing process is the most time consuming, and rewarding step of making a Viking cue. The first step, if necessary, is staining the wood. We lock in the rich color with a sealing coat and then it's off to the fully automatic spray booth. Our custom spray booth applies our high-tech finish to the cue and then passes it in front of a special ultraviolet light to harden and cure the finish. The cue then goes through a multi-stage buffing and polishing process to make it shine like glass.


The typical butt assembly of our cues consists of three pieces of wood finger-jointed together, to improve the strength, balance, and straightness of the finished butt. The butt is then "rough-cut" to a specific diameter, uniformly stacked, then stored in our environmentally controlled warehouse. The wood is allowed to cure for a minimum of 2 months before it gets worked again. Once the curing is complete, the cue is machined again, this time it's the inlays, rings, joint-collars, and butt-caps that are installed. The butt's diameter is turned down one more time to the finished dimensions. We let the butt sit and cure one more time before moving on to the finishing process.

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