Cue Accessories

Cue Accessories

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The Cue Parts & Accessories That Matter

Some parts of the cue are more important to the shot than others. The cue is broken into two parts: The butt, and the shaft. The butt is the heavier, bottom half of the cue, and the shaft is the top half, ending with the tip. One part many people consider essential to the shot is the joint, usually a metal screw that connects the butt to the shaft of a cue. Some points on the joint:

1.A joint is where a shot’s “feel” is determined. Using other materials than metal—such as ivory, plastic or wood—can change the feel of the shot.
McDermott cues are famous for the "feel" that comes from thier metal pin going directly into the wood of the shaft. 
2.Longer, wider joints generally are longer lasting but tend to take away from "feel".  They are best suited for break or jump cues.

Consider the wrap, or handle, of the cue as well.We bring you the best cue parts & accessories.If you perspire a lot, a leather wrap might be the best option to absorb that moisture. Wraps are also made of nylon, irish linen, or wood with a high-gloss finish.  New high-tech rubber grips are also becoming more common, often taken from technology in the golf industry.  The tip, or end of the shaft where one strikes the ball, is also critical. Generally made of leather, a softer tip is going to provide better control.  There are a huge range of aftermarket tips available so you are best off talking to a local pro shop or billiards specialty retailer who can install better tips on your cue. You’ll also want to consider purchasing a cue case to make sure your stick is protected when you travel with it.